Am I the only one to bear all consequences? 
It's been nearly 3 years, but so much has changed in my life. 
I welcomed the most awesome person in my life. 
With him, comes so much sacrifice. 
I am so tired but all that disappears when I hear him laugh, smile and sleep peacefully. 
It's been very trying, very trying. 
But I love you baby. We will work this out slowly and surely with God. 



You have been lonely for far too long.
You have found the one who has captured your heart.
You know you cannot find another.
You know this is fate.

Why is this such a tease?
Why do we falter so much?
Why do we fail?
Why oh why?

Oh Lord, speak to us.
Oh Lord, we pray on bended knees
Oh Lord, lead us
Oh Lord, only you know

Let me in the walls
You've built around
We can light a match
And burn them down
Let me hold your hand
And dance 'round and 'round the flames



Life has sure changed a lot over so many years.
Its been so long, since i blogged.
Its really different when i look back and where i am now.

I found a job i love so much.
I have graduated
I am going on though.

Traveled to a far away country every year - expenses paid
Learning is an everyday thing

I thank God for everything.

Many things, i am still learning.
Many things, i am still trying out


Away they go

A long hiatus,
to think before the action,
to rethink and learn.

A de sentir les roses en Paris,
die um die alpen in der Schweiz sehen,
die pralinen in Belgien zu essen,
auf ein bier in Deutschland trinken,
beobachten fahrrader in Amsterdam.

All the wonders i see and feel,
I know who to thank
The one above and here on earth. 


One Day

Do you think there are plantonic friendship?
Friendships between the opposite sex.
I have a best friend.
He is a guy.
I love him very much.
But as a friend.
He is the shoulder when i cry,
He is the one i seek when i have a problem,
He knows all my secrets,
He finishes my sentences,
I love him very much
But as a friend.