Got another contest by nuffnang. but i do not intend to join this one. cuz i have no particular interest in Hamilton Lewis at all.
As i was looking at this email. i was reminded of the day that i went to the supermarket below with my sister and caught sight of the new NESCAFE packaging with LEWIS face on it. Lewis sure have a lot of face expressions i must say. Let's take a look.(btw this has not been photoshopped or anything) Taken directly at the supermarket.

(look at his side burns) wow. not bad. (face with slight grin)=/

hmm, a bit distorted already.( has a shiny forehead,but probably due to the light facing him)
emotionless face. -.-

Hmmm, eyes slanting already. smiling away. =)

He looks a bit like tiger woods in this picture. hmmm.

Last pic, he grew fat ! so chubby. haha.

The many different faces of lewis hamilton. courtesy of nescafe.

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