Massive traffic

I realize on 2 particular day, my blog traffic shot up very high.

and it was a post regarding the xxvsdy saga. it was a post i found from someone's blog and copied over to mine. the orginator of that entry still has that post. and some of u might have google search it.

I was actually kinda kpo over this dy and xx. until, i saw dy post "PS" pictures. then more kpo, went to find out more. then realized there were a few sites dedicating to the saga. wow, this dy really quite unexplained change. and it is very possible that her nose was done, because it was fat and then became slim. and then a certain princess came along with her BIG AIRS. wow. she/he is a very good writer i must say. i like he/she posts on he/she blog. but really dislike the way she/he writes about how he/she was educated in an uppermost uni in a faraway place. and yes, he/she mentions that the schools here are called villages schools. ( and yes including NUS/NTU/SMU/Raffles, basically all schools top or bottom ) wow, i'm in a village school too. if he/she likes his/hers education so much in the OVERSEAS countries, y bother coming back to this village place where there are many villagers graduates. What is he/she trying to prove? village place aka Singapore is a good place to live yet not to study. Yes, we have Philip yeo, the guy who prefers overseas student then the locals. Even Lee Hsien Loong studied in singapore for his primary, secondary and tertiary.

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