Mother was commenting how lazy i was during the holidays, she urged me to find a job. Then there was a job advert on ST. It was written 600 bucks for 9 days event.
I was thinking not bad, such a short time and also the pay was quite decent was a student.

So i went for the interview at quite a far away place. This brand is quite famous i must say. There were a LOT LOT LOT LOT LOT of people. Took around 2 hours to reach the interviewer. Just shows how popular this job was. Anyway, i got a call few days later informing that i was selected for the job. I was quite happy. Since i had nothing to do, it was alright.

Next day, went to that far away office again to sign the contract. This is like my first time finding a job without an agent. I was there before the stated time 9 am. Realized there were quite an influx of our nieghbouring foreigners in their company.
When the HR person finally arrived with the contract. I got the shock of my life. 4 bucks per hour ! There was an extra 200 bucks of incentive if i was not late or absent during the time of the contract.but that's beside the point lah. The total still lower then the 600 bucks thingy. Ask the HR person, eh, i thought is the event. She shrugged and say that one was full already. I was like huh?! Then she commented that when she informed me that i got the job , i agreed. I was like WTH ! I thought it was some freaking event job at 600 bucks.Call mother and told her abt it. At that time, i was having some doubts and this HR person commented, it's the same hourly pay as the event if u calculate. I WAS LIKE YA RIGHT ! U think i pimary school person huh. After that when i show her the calculations, she just say a bit of difference. so was going through the contract. Realized there was no overtime time pay stated. Ask her and she say as a part time promoter, i was not required to work overtime. I was like OK. And the real crap was after signing the contract, i was required to start work immediately. I was quite taken aback. But i dun know why i sign it lah. So real crap lah. I was posted to Parkway Parade.

Went there change into their uniform, the mall was not open, call their supervisor( let's call him MR R) and told him i reach. but could not get into the mall as it was closed and i dun know their staff entrance. He told me to wait for him at the mall's entrance.During the waiting period, the mall open. so it was like eh. So went inside and ask for him, And one of his staff told me to go up to put up my bag and bag and blah blah. When we reach there, i was informed that i had to put a deposit of 20 bucks for the staff card and i had not enough cash on me. And worse of all, my bag was put up at the locker. Quite expensive bag la and had a few stuff that were quite expensive. but the staff who bought me up told me she had a locker, she could help me put my expensive stuff in her own locker. BUT BUT BUT i was to leave my phone and wallet with the security guards. These are not ur old ah peks, these are foreigners security guards. not that i have any feud with any foreigners or not that ALL old ah peks can be trusted. But they did not look very trustyworthy and i had some credit cards and MY IC in my wallet which they might do online shopping or whatever they can do la. BUT I WAS SAVED. Supervisor came up and told me that he decided to transfer me to CK Tang. So was saved without even stepping out to take money for the deposit.

Supervisor R told me to go there and look for the person in charge there call "N". So as i was going there, told my mother that i was being transfered to CK Tang. When i reach there, went up. Saw the staff there and told her, i was looking for "N", the person in charge. She was a bit pissed when i mentioned a name. She say "N" was no longer working at that and has already transfer to another area. I was OK.

At last, i could really start the work, but as usual , i had to get the staff badge and all the stuff, but here was much more cheaper la, 7 bucks only. haha. As she was busy with the customers, she told me to put my bag at the side counter first while she attended to the 4 lady customers. So as i put down the bag, this staff (let's call her S) ask me my name and make some small talk. These 4 lady customers which were foreigners from Trang's country were buying the product and were trying it out. S made a comment that they might be CHICKENS.( If u dunno, means u too innocent la) I was utterly speechless. Then she commented to me that they were making such a big mess just to make a few purchases. Eh, aren't we service staff. Now we know, why they call these service staff ungracious. The 4 lady customers seem to also prefer me as i knew a bit of their language and could converse with them. In the midst of conversing with customers, she told another staff to bring me down to get my staff badge.
When i went up, the ladies bought the stuff and left already. S ask me to learn abt the various products that they were selling and the promotion they were having. After a while she taught me how to do the receipt for the cashiers. As there were a few people patronising our area, S decided to start taking up the phone to talk to some people. And this was where she make a bad mistake in underestimating my language skills. She was talking about me being a newbie saying, i was stupid, dun know how to do the stuff and etc etc etc. I was kinda piss especially after the freaking CHICKEN incident. Some customers came and i went to service this couple , and guess what was S doing, she was still talking on the PHONE. As the customer wanted a certain product and she could not find it, i offer to find for her, but there was none at the store front, so i had to ask S who was basically on the phone. She had that piss look when i ask her whether do we have that product.Probably piss that i was disturbing her phone call. The customer told me in chinese, " she like to talk on the phone huh" I merely smile at the customer. S put down the phone and went searching for the product in the store room. Later, she came with the item and suddenly decided to service that couple..............................................................

Continue this another day as its kinda late and i need to cook dinner. STAY TUNED. haha.
And if u happen to know the company or brand i'm working , please do not say it. I would not want to get sue u know. =)

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