Lomography has become increasingly popular with the young and even some old.
These are some pictures i took with my camera.




Most Famous (Helga) Holga

First of all, can u believe that i actually took the same photo with various cameras?
No lah, This is actually all done with a simple application on my IPhone. This new application that i bought for US 2.99 is CAMERA BAG
This new application enables me to either take a photo or pick an existing photo to change the plain photo to something with effects. They have recently just submitted a fisheye filter. Ah, when that comes, i will sure put it on this blog. Enjoy some other photos that i took with this new application.
Real Lomographers, Please do get offended if the photo really do look like the photo u took with ur plastic camera. =D

School - Cinema

Helga(Holga) + Lolo(lomo)

The END of the Fake LOMO CAMERAS.
Btw, i am intending to buy a lomo camera. =D
And to fix my OLD CAMERAs in order to go PHOTO- SHOOTING with Alex With His
Rico was sterilized, thus the need for that E collar on him.
There he was sitting on the stairs waiting for me as he is not allowed on the second floor.

Jack's Place.
Went Jack's Place. Ate Escargots and Oysters.
The Oysters were not as nice as Equinox.
Mother suggested to go Equinox this coming week as she has
the Raffles Feed Card. This Card allows One for One Dining at various places and Equinox happen to be One of them.

TIME TO PLAY SPORE ! My creature is damn cute looking with butterfly wings. haha.

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