Doing fyp now. Has been mentally tiring. The work is alright, but is the sitting there in front of the computer that makes me so @#%^@%#. I doubt i can ever do office work, my back is aching just because sitting there with not really good support. 

A thing to be happy about - I got an A for my subject that pulled my GPA up. Thank Lord. 

I hope to get a distinction for this fyp really need lots of mental strength because of the early waking up and just trying to put this new knowledge into my head and also to understand what this is all about.

Basically my fyp is all about biomedical engineering which is not my field of study. But it never hurts to learn more than what is expected. I am currently using a program called MATLAB to do image processing. Image Processing is actually exactly like Photoshop but if u know the basics of MATLAB Image Processing, you can even create your own Photoshop. (quoted from my supervisor.LOL) My project is to do a tutorial on Image Processing  and to research on cancer images later. So basically this is my third week and i have currently finish the scripts that the teacher gave me and also added function to the scripts. =D
Now i have to do report writing which is damn tiring ! ! ! 
I am also lazy lah, few minutes, i go surf net. LOL. facebooking everyday. LOL.
need to concentrate to get my dist so my GPA can go up and then if God allows, then i go to uni. =D

Hope by this week i will be able to finish my report and also try to learn about the GUI which is bonus marks for the report.and then can do the proper research on the cancer images. There are a lot of things. 

I'm really so happy my mother has told me she will support me if i go to uni. I will try my best to go to a local uni. If really cannot, i will probably go to an overseas uni or maybe i will take up a part time degree. 

On a side note. 
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