Argh !

Real crap ! i though i could finish my project in time. BUT argh ! !  ! i suddenly had some mistakes, make that major mistakes, basically if my supervisor did not tell me, i am sure not to know abt it. ARGH ! really hate it ! now i am sitting in front of my computer stoning i tell u ! cuz i am waiting for matlab to start up. guess what my matlab has image processing toolbox so i can do my images on it.And really hope that i wil be able to finish by monday. So that i can do my presentation well on monday. 

Am thinking of some stuff. I hope will be able to go to ntu. was talking to one of my sec sch friends online, he is intending to go into computer science. i am also intending to go into that or computer engineering. 

Sunday is easter sunday ! cant wait for that to happen ! GOD sent his only son to die for us. 
It was fun teaching the kids last week, sorry, i meant playing. Haha, play with them captain ball. And like i say games show one's character. so i saw some characters being shown. i guess i should not judge. but i sort of expected it. 
I am really thinking of something real real real real real real bad !

Alvin pass his driving test after his 4th time ! Congrats ! 
We were supposed to eat tml, but he had care grp at 2. so we postponed. so i guess another time!
Miss him !

Oh ya, Bf might be going to germany for his army for 9 months i suppose. cant wait. lol.
matlab is activated. got to do work now. OMG ! i myself also cant believe how 'hardworking' i am. lol.

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