How to PERMANENTLY delete files from your computer. The Cheap Way.

As i am finishing my project in my school soon. I will have to delete many things. My project things come up to over 1 GB ! Even though its like m files and images and all sorts. 

Anyway, was thinking how to delete file - and i mean not just deleting and putting it in your trash bin and then emptying it. The file is nvr gone. Yes, even though Windows tells you that it is permanently deleted. Windows is crapping. 
And i can't possibly wack the hard drive from school to make sure everything is gone. There are two ways go about it. 

First way, Easy 
After deleting all your files and emptying them, defragment your whole computer. This will take quite a long long while. But it will really PERMANENTLY delete your files.

The Geek Way. LOL.
There is a command line called CIPHER. 
CIPHER basically helps you encrypt, decrypt, or display a file or folder's encryption information.
First, you delete the files that you want. then this is what you do.

Step 1 : Open and start up cmd

Step 2 : Cmd Opens. 

Step 3: Type in cipher in command line. Look at the folder at which you have deleted your stuff.

Step 4 : You should type cipher/w:drivename/foldername. to where ever the deleted images were from.  They will start rewriting the whole hard drive for that particular folder and you can be assured. This is way much shorter than the whole defragmentation. and you are done.


there is an even more easier way, though please be careful in using this application.It's quite a potent little thing.It can wipe out everything, if you are not careful.
It's called CCleaner. This really cleans your computer and all the registry stuff as well.   

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