It's over.

For 10 gruelling weeks, I woke up at 6 am and slept at 4 am nearly everyday. Drank coffee, drank tea.Even though, for some days I skipped as fatigue overcomes me. For 10 weeks, I buried myself with textbooks and papers, learning things I have never learn before. Learning a different field altogether.Its coming to an end. Another 2 weeks and it's all over.But will my efforts be rewarded with what I expect? I have no faith in the system that I will be presenting to except to my supervisor.
Why do I say so?

Just like today, the person approached his understudy. He was proudly exclaiming to his subordinate, take a look at my student's code. Guess whose code was there actually. And there he goes telling his student to test out the code to check if that code results were actually the same as his own code. OMG ! The code was the person's code ! How do i know? The student was telling the whole lab after the person has gone back. He said " test what? test confirm the results are the same because the code is his !" Another student said" Does he know the code is his?" The student replied back" YES ! " All i can do is sit there and go " $&#^@"

I sat there quietly absorbing everything he said. He was mentioning about distinctions and all sorts to two groups. He mentioned how they are going to choose distinctions which they were supposed to choose during our mid week presentation, but it seems they had a change of mind. The deciding team for the distinction was actually a mere two people and it does not include my supervisor. Anyway, within that lab, i know there are politics flying around. Can be easily seen. Anyway, which offices does not have politics? I can slowly dream about my distinction and probably even say bye to an A. All i can do is probably rant and rant to let off steam. Anyway, enough of sad stuff.

On a happier note, my partner and I saved 100 bucks because we need not print our report. 
All thanks to our supervisor - shall i mention her name?? She quite famous in the blogosphere. Then maybe i will get even more hits for my own blog. LOL.
Anyway, she is so good ! She is going to print my whole report- 195 pages altogether and in COLOR ! Can you imagine that? And she is using her own personal printer ! Can you imagine the ink?!

Anyway, i wanted to give her something but apparently i was not aware that civil servants could not accept gifts. AWWW. Only thank you cards etc etc. But guess what, i have my own trick up my sleeve.

Shall take a photo of it before giving her. It's quite a limited thing. If i am not wrong, Singapore has only 10 of these.

On another funnier note, i posted my code on mathworks and guess what a university student emailed me to help with his code. Yes, me a person who has no prior knowledge of Matlab. Firstly, am flattered. Secondly, i'm so dead. Probably try my best with what i have. LOL. Anyway. OWNAGE !

Next item on my list - Pray that my mobile computing teacher remembers me and call me up for DT in sept !
I hope he does ! ! Cuz i miss Visual Basic ! 

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