Mas Selamat Part 3

Swam across Johor straits

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein on Friday confirmed that Mas Selamat has been captured and is being held under its Internal Security Act for interrogation.

'He was planning something that allowed us to arrest him,' said Mr Hishamuddin, declining to give more details on his arrest and whereabouts.

What was he planning? An attack on Singapore? Swam on a 'improvised flotation device' ? No police patrolling the seas?

Why public were not told earlier

I guess there's a reason for this. It is because they do not want to alert the other JI members first. And he was planning something as well. Maybe Singapore has discovered something already? Or maybe the thing that he was planning? That was why the news is now released to the public.

Anyway, Im glad they have caught him. But we must not be lax anymore or the same thing might befall again.

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