IPhone 3.0 OS at last !

I have been waiting for this. From 12 am to 1 am ! I kept pressing update from 12 am. Till i found out it was at 1 am !
Caffine is a wonder i tell you ! I double dose my caffine too. (:
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It's updating now.

Plug my phone back to itunes to begin the process !

I can encrypt my IPhone backup ! wow !

YES ! It is activated !

It is backing up now. Taking quite a fair bit of time to actually back up my files.
Doubt i will be sleeping tonight. Later it will be a bad day at work cuz i will not be sleeping unless i skip it. ;p

Done backing up.

Now the features on the IPhone.

IPOD Search -
I can now search for the songs or videos that i want without scrolling thru my list !

Safari -
I can now choose the option of opening in a new page and even copy the URL for my friends to see it and send it to them via email or sms !

Recent Calls -
Now i know what is the exact time the person called and whether did i cancel the phone call or i missed it. I can even know the duration that i have spoken to the person.

Recent Calls -
Extra information being given out when the caller calls. I use to call my friend's home number all the time because he uses his house phone to call me instead of his mobile phone.
There is also a small symbol beside the name of the number, that is to show that you called that person. Last time, there was no such thing. So now u know who u called and who called you.

Copying and Pasting-
One of the most basic thing that the IPhone missed out, but at least they realized and add it in their 3.0 OS. The copying and pasting.

Undoing and Redoing your typing -
Like a Ctrl+ Z . All i had to was to shake my phone and i could redo what i wanted to type and also undo.

Copying and Emailing and Deleting Multiple Photos -
The copying is not very essential to me, but the emailing is great when i do mobile blogging, but for now,maximum 5 photos only for emailing, but for deleting and copying photos, the number is unlimited. It makes life much easier with the deleting of multiple photos. I used to slowly take my time to delete every individual photo.

Photo Options -
There are more photo options then the previous OS, you can now email the photo and even send an MMS.

App Store Options-
There used to be only upgrades, now they have added a redeem voucher for those who have those vouchers to redeem their gifts. (:

App Store -
Now whenever i want to take a look at the images of the item that i am getting, i need not wait for the images to load. I can just easily flip as all images are loaded beforehand.

Now i can sign in with my youtube account, put comments and such. I use to not be able to do that. But i can't upload videos though because mine is the 3G version and not the 3G S version.

More Restrictions -
More restrictions are in place like installing apps for those who are using their parents credit card and also even the camera can be restricted but i doubt it is of any use cuz i think for those in the army, the ARMY wants you to physically remove the camera means no traces of any lens at all.

Deleting of Notes -
This may seem like a small thing but Apple miss the swiping delete for the notes and thus i use to click the garbage can at the bottom to delete the note instead of just swiping.

SMS Options-
There are more options for SMS now. You can now switch off the repeat alert which will alert you when u did not view your sms. You can also enable MMS.

This is very useful for me when i have so many forums and sites that i have to log in. Now IPhone will just remember for me and just input it for me so that my access is easier.
(E.g. Wireless.SG)

Stock Options -
Now i can view my stocks in landscape mode and even do an analysis of the percentage i have gained or loss. Yes, this was a gd share a month back. $kaching$

Voice Memo -
Actually i dun really have the need for this at all, as i dun use my voicemail. This would be good if Apple actually use this to record ringtones so that i can easily change my ringtones instead of using a 3rd party application to create a ringtone just for my phone. So yah, i can even trim the recording. So, it is the best app for recording music for ringtones, but not yet.

Spotlight Search-
This is the spotlight search, which is one page before your home page.
Easily search everything on my whole phone. Now a bad application for those with a lot of applications and contacts.

Landscape mode-
The landscape mode in SMS. There are now more room for my thumbs to do the typing on the landscape keyboard.

Now i can take any photos and send an MMS to my friend to show what 'great' photography skills i have. LOL.

Now i can forward messages easily and also the camera icon is for the MMS. I can also delete individual msgs that i dun like .

IPOD Shuffle -
When you are hearing a song, instead of taking out your phone and touching the next, u can actually just shake your phone. I tried that and it worked, the only thing is that every shake is a new shuffle, but i guess it does not really matter.

These are the few things i find that are really useful.

Btw for all IPhone users out there from Singapore, i guess most of you would have received the sms from Singtel about the IPHONE Clinic.
Just wanna suggest that you can also go to to learn everything about the IPhone, like the Hard Reset. And best of all, it is free. (:
I am a poor student.

p/s: Wow, i took 2 hours to compile this blog entry and i am still not tired ! Caffine works wonders, btw i just realized that tea has a higher content of caffine then coffee. Great ! i drank 2 cups !

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