Some Funny Stuff to destress the Monday Blues.

Its youth day, but because of me interning, i have no holiday ! So here am i cheering myself up with motivational posters.


This is a good one.

I can print this for some people who i know have real motivational poster about winners.

For Soccer fans out there
No comments.

So right ! Should send this to my parents.

Good one !

OMG ! btw, when i was doing my fyp, i read this websites where people scammed back these people. They call themselves the 419s. LOL

Yes, so right. Everyday. Oh ya, yesterday i lost my wallet. Real bad day yesterday.

I hope it is not mine.

Oh great, now i smell bad ! I should get the one about engineers being the best lovers. WOOT !

Oh yes we all are so "INDIVIDUALISTIC"

This really reminds me of a certain grp. Oops.

NO ! Not yet ! I am a dreamer !


Oh yes, oh so right for certain companies and certain dept.

Oh ok.

Thanks, I am now a smelly and idiot person too. LOL

LOL ! India?! Calling Centers ! LOL

I think they really hate dreamers.

Yes, i dare to slack, which i am so doing now !


yes, dreamers again !

Good bye SALMON !
Back to my dreaming and smelly self. (:


Mat`amiT said...

wow nice words of confidence

Roxy. said...

Yes, sacarsm intended. Haha

Anonymous_X said...

The 'Ambition' one is real tragic. Heh.


Roxy. said...

The way of life I suppose.

The Horny Bitch said...

I don't understand the blogging one leh..

Roxy. said...

it means that most bloggers who in reality dun speak up at all yet talk so much online underneath a online persona to so few people.
Sort of like an oxymoron.