The day came and went as swift as the wind.
I awoke and I felt no difference at all.
SMS of greeting were few but meant alot.
The first was from my dearest sister whom stayed up till midnight to be the first.
The rest were all from people who remembered.
I went out to a group of people and under the sun, I toil and play.
No one there knew what day it was.
A close friend of mine bought me up and presented me a cake.
Was really touched by what she did.
Best friend 2 called up from forest to wish me a wonderful day.
Best friend 1 never did , only told me he had a gift.
By and large, this day would be the start of a 1 year celebration.


Shingo T said...

Happy birthday, Roxy! May the new years be a year full of joy and meaning for you.

Our birthdays are so close.

TeeHedgeBee said...

Happy Birthday Roxy. Hope smiles will brighten your days ahead. =)

Roxy. said...

Thanks for the wishes!
Really appreciate them!!!