December. (:

Its December.
I am sitting out in the cold as i typed this entry. I love the cold. It gives me warmth. The irony.
I sit here wondering and this time it was not about philosophy. I sit wondering how to spend the time of my favorite month. Even though it is said that December is a melancholy month, i think it is one of the best months.

December is my favorite month for many reasons.

I love the cold weather. I love winter. I love snow.
It's the month of birthdays of my friends and me. (:
( Let me be just bimbotic just for a slight moment. Did you know ADAM BRODY has the same birthday as me? *gushes* Anyway, he is not that old. Only 9 years older. (: )
The last day of the month is also a very very special day.
There's also Christmas to celebrate.

The few reasons why December is my favorite month.


Shingo T said...

My birthday is in December too. 3 days earlier than yours.

You share the same birthday as my buddy. ^_^

TeeHedgeBee said...

I used to love December until I have to speng it in class... :/