A Distraction.

As I was sitting down in the cinema watching, my mind was glued to the screen, the storyline. For that few hours, i would seldom think of anything except just watching the movie. Not all movies evoke the same feelings though, some would make me think within the movie itself. So basically, at times, my mind would multi-task with figuring out the storyline and also thinking of the outcomes of this situation in real life.
But it is a refreshing thing to do when i becomes enthralled with the movie instead of the matters of the world. A distraction that i try to get and do every once a week.

But i also remember, when the movie ends, the mind starts twirling again.


Shingo T said...

The movie's acting like a alcohol, it temporarily numbs you from your real-life issues.

I like watching movies too, especially those that I have not the slightest idea what the storyline is about when I enter the theatres.

I like surprises.

Roxy. said...

yea, which is a good thing. Alcohol cant numb me sadly.
Or not i will be dead soon. LOL