Are you afraid of death?
Even though it's an inevitable process, but everyone will surely die.
The only difference is the HOW.
Most die from old age, either passing away while sleeping peacefully or some because of old age dieases.
Some die from sudden events, heart attack while running, a fatal car accident, murder.
And some die from terminal illness, 4th stage cancer, or some various terminal illness.

Dying of old age would be the most perfect way to die simply because you would have probably live out the life you wanted over the years.

Dying from sudden events would be tragic especially for families who never expected. The victim would either have a swift death in seconds or sometimes a slow one. This is one of the worst. Not knowing what happen, and you are dead.

The last, one of a bad thing but probably not as bad. A doctor's diagnosis that could affect everything. At times, you could even recover and there is hope. For cancer, It's the hope of a remission at least. But if discovered late could means your end is coming.
An estimated date is given to you about how long more can you survive. The dread of reaching the date, seeing your family trying to hold it up and not tear to be strong.
Like a convicted murder waiting for his execution date, prayers of forgiveness are made. As the date nears, you just pray and hope that time could just stop at that moment forever. You are afraid of pain.
Maybe sometimes, during the days as you count to the day, I pray that peace comes.

I am afraid of death. It's a scary thought to leave my family and friends.


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Bananazą“• said...

Got your link from Shingo T, interesting blog. In life you cannot run away from these two things in life, income tax & death. Oh I'm preparing for my death which is the other way round of people preparing to live. Agree with you if need to suffer some terminal sickness than its my karma have to learn to accept it. TQ

Roxy. said...

Thanks for reading my blog. (:
Hmmm,you can evade income tax though only at one country. Your phrase reminds me of my accountant teacher who said the exact same thing. Are you by any chance an accountant too? :p
Preparing for death. How morbid but equally interesting. Funerals these days are exhorbitant.