Happiness = Expectation. Do you agree?

If you have low expectations, won't it equate to happiness which is contentment?
For because of low expectations, you would be easily contented.
Is the equation true?

*Someone just told me i was off the mark. The conversation has not ended, but yet i was once again surprised by the answer of the person. *

Love. To be exact, 100% love.

A friend of mine set down true love as his hypothesis. Then he set down terms that must be true in order to conclude that true love exist.

These were the terms he set down to his concluding theory.

1) Love is a feeling of liking you have for your partner.
Today at 12:18am
2) Understanding is required for love. You can't love without understanding someone.
Today at 12:18am
3) Total understanding is required for 100% love. You can't love someone 100% without possibilities that your love for someone will change due to a wrong understanding of your partner.
Today at 12:18am
4) Total understanding is the PRECISE analysis of the subject (your partner) without BIAS.
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5) PRECISE analysis of the subject (your partner) without BIAS is only achievable by viewing the subject as an object which cannot affect how you feel towards it.
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Conclusion of 1 to 5: You cannot say you love your partner 100% without first analyzing your partner as an object which cannot affect how you feel. 5) forms a contradiction of the hypothesis (that true love exists) with 1).
Today at 12:19am
Because 1) to 5) are true and implies one another. Therefore I conclude true love does not exist.
Today at 12:19am

I disagreed with his terms that he used, but i agreed that there is no 100% love for humans. Make that ALL emotions. At the same time, we can also never put something intangible to a quantity because it is immeasurable.

Love is a complex thing just like happiness. The mind seeks for answers we can never answer and more grief/stress might appear because of answers unanswered.

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Shingo T said...

Happiness is a mindset. Love is an addiction to have this special someone to share your life.

Together, it's an addiction to make the special someone who share your life happy.

Not sure if above statement make sense, but it's just something that cross my mind as I'm reading your post.

Your friend's conditions for love is really cheem. Love is just a feeling, there's no criterias or anything.

My 2 cents.