Recently, something really bad happened.
Always low profile, i decided to just tell one friend what happened.
It snowballed.
Things happened in such unexpected events.
Friends came forward, concerned and taking their time to ask.
Night talks were frequent with best friend as i tried to come to terms with what happened.
Phone was abuzz with SMS and calls.
I am truly touched.
I am glad that within this period of time, it showed me something, i am not alone after all.


MKL said...

You are never alone. It's always good to talk and let it out. Peoble will be able to relate to you and offer you help. I wish you all the best :-)

Shingo T said...

I was going to say "You are never alone", but MKL beat me to it. =p

What happens to you can't always be controlled, but I'm glad that you got the support that you need.

You are blessed, Roxy. And things will only get better.

Roxy. said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate it. yeah, sometimes, its the bad times that show you the truth of people.