Random Notes.

1) I am currently thinking hard about a degree in philosophy. The only thing that is stopping me is , the difference between studying for philosophy and learning philosophy. To me, philosophy is all about the individual mind thinking. In ways, the course do have thinking skills but yet they do expect students to study the history of philosophy which I am not keen on. Anyway, this is just a side track on my main degree.

2) For the past 1 year and so, I have been researching on free will. It seems that most conversations with close friends always lead me to that topic uninitiated. Just recently, a friend of mine broached the subject on having sex in a relationship. He was talking so loud in Starbucks that I was wondering what other people were wondering. The conversation was enlightening and it somehow went into the topic of free will. I have not made up my mind about it though.

3) Also recently, I went to a dialogue by Dr Thio Li Ann. Most people will know her as the NMP or maybe by the AWARE saga. She was mainly talking about standing in the 'GAP' and the various laws that we as citizens can do. Interesting and thought provoking but nothing surprising. Sort of envisioned what she would say. In person, she is a really straight arrow and quite a funny person. Oh ya, she is like super intelligent! She went to all Ivy League universities. Interesting talk. Made me pondered a while.

4) Remember my previous random notes on taking photos of every Starbucks. I am 60% done. Am hoping by this year, I could be able to finish it. And did I mention, the Starbucks in US has this 'quote' thingy on their cup. It's a project called 'The Way I See It'. Their hot beverages cup has quotes on it. I submitted one of my own just for the fun of it not expecting any reply of course. BUT they REPLIED !!! Guess whose on cup # ,can't remember number. Kinda long. But yeah. :D

5) These few days, I was thinking of giving up. I recently plurked, "is it karma that I ignored many, that the one I really want to talk to ignores me?" A person who is interesting AND surprising intrigues me, but I do not in turn entail the same results for the person, it seems. Today, I had a fortune cookie. In it, it wrote, " your efforts will be worthwhile." Even though I do not believe in any of this, but it gave me back hope that maybe I should just keep trying till the person finds me too irritating and prolly , I guess the END.

It's a late night now. The night is brillant, the winds a blowing, I see 5 stars in the night, I wish for peace. (:


MKL said...

I hope everything clears up for you. The way I read between the lines, you seem a bit lost. Am I right? :)

Shingo T said...

If it's something that will make you happy, fight for it!

If we give up without trying, that's called failing.

If we tried but failed, that's called learning.

If we tried and succeed, that's called the beginning, of better things to come.