Personality Test

Your Major and Minor Personality Types
Characteristics of all four personality types can be found within each of us, but there is almost always one personality type that is dominant. We call this the major personality type.

The Chemistry Profile also identifies your minor or secondary personality type. You exhibit some aspects of this personality type, though not to the same degree as with your major type.
Your major personality type = Explorer
Your minor personality type = Negotiator

You are an EXPLORER/negotiator

You are a highly spontaneous person who always likes to try new things. Novel and unpredictable situations don't bother you; instead you find them challenging and exciting.

You tend to be focused and resourceful and you are able to juggle a lot of projects at the same time; as a result you are sometimes a whirlwind of activity.

You have a firm grip on reality and enjoy living in the present tense. But you have a keen imagination that enables you to lift off from time and space to be remarkably creative.

You are humorous. You are able to laugh at yourself, and you like entertaining others.

You have a deep sense of compassion. You can show genuine insight into the needs of others; you are good at listening and talking; and you express a genuine desire to be helpful.

Yet you are easy-going. Your tolerance for others and their beliefs, your lack of prejudice, your ability to compromise and your occasional antics make you popular with others and a great companion.

E-Explorer - 29% N-Negotiator - 26%
B-Builder - 19% D-Director - 24%

How your personality breaks out You Matched
with Compatibility
Explorer - 29% of your personality Known for high energy, high creativity and spontaneity. Seeks novelty, risk and pleasure. Intellectually curious and not easily swayed by opinion.

Builder - 19% of your personality Usually very popular. Deep attachment to home and family. Calm demeanor and low anxiety. Often consistent, loyal and protective.

Negotiator - 26% of your personality Excels at seeing the big picture, long-term planning and consensus building. An intuitive thinker who is flexible, verbal and socially skilled. Imaginative, empathetic and nurturing.

Director - 24% of your personality Daring, original, direct and inventive. A non-conformist. Skilled at abstract thinking and short-term planning. Often assertive and quite competitive. Tough-minded and efficient.

Dating Tips for Explorers
You are curious and flexible; so you can get involved in a relationship too quickly, and then wonder how you got in so deep so fast. Step back and reflect before you leap.
You like excitement and novelty. But some routines can expand into wonderful traditions. Kindle some regularities in your partnership.
You hate to confront, so you tend to break up with silence or absence. Develop some forthrightness. Your disappointed partner will appreciate your honesty and you will feel more liberated.
Search for ways to inspire a partner who appears traditional. You may draw out a cautious person who loves your spirit and wants to go exploring with you.
You tend to be popular. So when you find someone you are genuinely interested in, avoid other dating opportunities and concentrate on this mate.
You prefer to take a relationship one day at a time. But when you find your partner in adventure, create imaginative ways to make a deeper commitment.


Testosterone builds the length of the fourth (right) digit in the womb. The longer your ring finger (in relation to your pointing finger) the more you are likely to have mathematical, mechanical and/or musical skills.

The first two smiles are genuine, because they are accompanied by crow's-feet wrinkles around the eyes and a slight dip in the eyebrows. The ability to "read" faces is associated with the hormone estrogen in both women and men and is often linked with empathy.



Adventurous, risk taking men and women are generally uncomfortable with public displays of affection or the open expression of feelings by others. Risk taking is associated with the brain chemical, dopamine.

Curiosity is associated with the activity of dopamine (a natural stimulant) in the brain. It is often linked with spontaneity and creativity.

Did this personality test. Now i know y i am not used to PDA. cuz i am an adventurous,risk taking person. haha. shall let boyfriend take a look at this when he is back from his army.

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