Damm DAY !

Tml is my comm skills common test.

and not studying at the moment.

I started thinking what shall i do in the future, and i really dun know. not a single thing pops up my head except being a tai tai. I do want to go to university and i might be planning to go overseas to study and if can, i wanna go with boyfriend to study overseas. Boyfriend is intending to finish army, work and then study. Me, i'm more of thinking what to do for the next few months.

I really dun know.

I just a person with no aim it seems, or if i have an aim, it will come and then go.

During my forthcoming holidays, i will be going to swim prolly everyday. =) As u can see, the exams have not come yet i'm still thinking abt my holidays. ahhh.

start of boring books review which i read

This few days, i have been addicted to this application on my ITouch. Its called stanza. and it has a whole lot of books.(it's like ebook) And i damm happy cuz i could read all my favourite book. =)

The first book i read was 1984 by hg wells. A book that i actually read when i was in secondary. That book really is gd book. Really makes u think a lot. Its a very constricted enviroment they live in. and they have their 3 slogans namely WAR IS PEACE, SLAVERY IS FREEDOM,IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. This is what they believe in and yes there are people who believe in it. In the book is actually about this guy who knows that there is something wrong with the goverment and on his way he has an affair with a lady and was caught by thought police and in the end he was "REEDUCATED". The book is a good read. after all this years, it still left me reading for more. I also read 30k bequest by mark twain. This is more of a greed story where this couple save and save and then they had a sum of money and then came a will then said if their uncle were to die, they would inherit 30k which was a large of money to them. The wife a very cunning one waited every week for the newspaper for announcement of the uncle's death. And in the mean time, she was dreaming about the 30k and decided to play in shares and stuff. The unexpected was expected. And this read was not too bad for me because i sort of knew what would happen due to many books ending this way. So not really unexpected. I read The time machine too by hg wells. That was a really boring story. abt some boring inventor that went

into the future. i thot the show "time machine" was based on the this book. But sadly no, it was not, and the book was just talking about the future. so a real bore i would say. the show is the one not to be missed. is a really nice show. yeah, and i also read in the year 2889, a short story of an editor's life in 2889. just a few pages. nice read. a lot of imagination i would say. Now currently reading the island of dr moreau. This story sets u thinking a lot. I read this story once in comics format but in a different setting i suppose. The writer for that comics twisted some parts. Like Jack the ripper was actually part of dr moreau experiment, which was his first and it was an ape. i think hg wells wrote it differently and prolly had no mention of jack the ripper at all i suppose as i have not gone to that part yet. But i do know in the comics there are 3 laws that they had to follow. haha. exactly like hg wells 1984 right. the 3 laws. can't remember. found it. the one that i read is JLA: The Island of Dr. Moreau. There was house of pain and stuff which is the same as original. and yes the infamous song that the animals sang by themself. ARE WE NOT MEN?

end of boring books review. haha.

Friday, i bought boyfriend an ELMO shirt for topshop. he bought it home and his mother thot it was his sister as he does not wear cartoon shirts. =(

but his brother say no and knew that i bought it for him as he saw the many elmo dangling on my crumpler. ha.

Sunday he wore it to church. haha. really look damm cute la. sadly did not take a picture of him wearing. haiz. sad. and this guy ah, buy for him the ralph lauren polo. now everytime also wear it. damm la. Thinking of converting him to fred perry. but he says he dun like. damm him. fred perry so much better then ralph lauren. and a gut from my night class joel claims that burberry better. WAH ! ! no way. but he, alex and me have decided to go buy FRED PERRY X CDG ! ! !

The good wife guide. wah liao. i will die lah if i follow it. click to enlarge.

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