Exams are Near

The exams are near and approaching. This would be my last year in school so i better pull up my socks and graduate nicely.
These past few weeks was a week with ups and downs. First DOWN - boyfriend never even went to field camp. he was stuck in the medical centre for the whole 5 days. First UP- He received my card which i sent him. i still thot it might be a goner since i was like nearing the deadline. Second Down- On his book out day, he rushed himself to the hospital and that night i had a scare as the doctor thot he might have hepatitis. Up - he did not have that, thank God, he had fatty liver due to him losing a lot of weight rapidly.Down- The weekends were wasted due to him staying in the hospital and also he thot he had to go back to camp immediately.
Up- He did not go back to camp after discharge that day and he had until today to go back to camp. =)

So basically a lot of up and down. but is okay lah

got to go soon. so another time i shall write again.

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