pet society

Facebook pet society is nice to play. it is so cute. and fun to play. i just log in to blogger to say this. ha. and the top pet is felicia. haha. when the bf is in army, there is nothing really much to do till the weekends. so my free time is either spend cleaning the house or cooking dinner for the family. yesterday i cook fish and chips. i must say it was not bad. =) praising oneself. though i must admit during my results of my o level, i was pondering upon the idea of going into shatec. and mother was quite supportive for it. i might go after i get my diploma which i am now in my final year. i have actually thought of which courses i would be taking if i was going into uni. i will most probably be taking a double degree in engineering and business admin.
ahh, this shall continue another time, cuz my pet society had loaded up now.
crap, i might be hooked on it. shat.

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