Gonna post some pictures here. for this week and today. Damn Random photos. Cuz brain cells shall not work till next week. argh.

Cook this for dinner on one of the week days, not bad. tasted exactly like the ones i ate at those jap restaurant.

and that's the setting on the SUPER UNTIDY dinning table with the curry and rice.

I went to this place just for my dinner tonight. not a bad place. quite nice, the other photos are in my camera. the moon was shining brightly and i realized that tml is FREAKING mooncake festival. wah liao. i live under a rock.

One of their speciality is this wheat grass TOFU ! xD DELICIOUS ! I LOVE TOFU

We went to fish and co at hereen Lvl 5. newly open. We wanted to eat at wakaru, but sadly it was still closed. When we went to fish and co, the waitress told us that they had half a dozen FRESH OYSTERS. DAMN HAPPY LA. but but but, when we were ordering it, she said, sorry, today no oysters. i was like WTH ! then y still tell us. haiz. But the service was excellent.

The soup of the day- SEAFOOD CHOWDER.

NOT JUST Fish & Chips, BUT NEWYORK Fish & Chips. with cheese lathered. ok, the cheese was not that prominent.a bit disappointed.


GARDEN SALAD WITH IKAN BILIS AND FRIED GARLIC CHIPS. not bad, but quite salty due to the dressing.

Ah,My new Dual screen computer.

the sky that looks wonderful.

beautiful sky. GOD never cease to amaze us of what he can do.

and yes, the dog who is ARGH ! AND I LOVE HIM !


The photos were taken with the IPhone. Quite sharp i must say. did not expect it, since it is only a 2mp camera. Yst went out with HL to buy stuff for the children's day and realized she has SO MANY different types of camera. And she's planning to sell her action sampler. wow wow. selling quite cheap also. AND SHE HAS HOLGA ! there was one lane when we were walking and there was this lady taking pictures using a loco camera which i was not familar with. and HL mentioned that IT was DIANA. I seriously thought she knew the lady. OK, the camera has a NAME. Damn embarrassed.
Tml have to wake up early to teach the PRI 4 students. XD

Alvin IS gullible. He really believed that i enlisted for NS. how can I. Zac will KILL me. arh.

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