SEX in a relationship.

Wanted to talk abt this a long time.
Sex in a relationship.
Most of my friends I know are doing it since the legal age of 16.

Some have been with their boyfriends for 6 yrs and some less.

But i always feel that sex in a relationship is like a double edge sword.

When u are cohabiting with that special someone, living like a regular couple and stuff. Guys usually are too lazy to go the next part of the relationship which is marrying or they dun see the need to get married because "AREN'T WE LIKE MARRIED?" The bad thing abt this is that the guy can easily kick u away, find another gal, get back the things he buy for you( if he's really a jerk) and u maybe lost ur virginity and it sucks. and to some of these couple, sex is like a main part in their relationship. this i am not that sure. but i heard that some dump their bf/gf because of the UGLY SEX. i dunno. comments abt this.and sometimes things might happen like

So i really admire couples that go to the next stage and get hitch even though they are living together etc. and not because the girl got preggers.

And if u are not having sex with in a relationship. And especially in a long term relationship. They guy is a great guy. does not need sex to be part of the relationship and also be part of the relationship without expecting something. The bad thing that could happen is only if u are married and u found out the SEX SUCKS. ah, then maybe there's a problem. but how u know sex will suck if he/she was your only one. But if u happen to know, i think this marriage still might have a saving point. because afterall during the relationship, they were doing other things besides it. so i think they can work well together. i also not sure abt this because i not yet married. but comment abt this too.

These are my point of view, so if u have a different view, pls do comment so that i know what's tall abt.

and some comics to lighten up this topic. =)

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