The Day Ahead.

Tomorrow, i have an early class. Need to wake up early to prepare for my first class of mobile

computing.Kinda happy that i'm going back to school. Cuz its been a bore staying at home with

the thunder and rain.

Want to introduce this Vegetable( Spinach) Dip to people.

This is DAMN DELICIOUS ! I was introduced to this dip by my mother. Her

American friend bought this over from America. Though i'm sure that are some in jason's

market or cold storage in the area at orchard but different brands. This is actually quite popular

in America for snacks. Actually there is another brand which is much then KNORR. It's the

Lipton Brand, yes, the one that produces Lipton tea. It was so gd that i finish most of their

packets and have left only the KNORR brand. Nonetheless, they are also nice. And it's very easy

to make. When u do buy it, u just need to follow the instructions behind to make the dip. It goes

very well with Carr's Table Water Crackers or if they are too rich for your taste, u can always go

for Meji Crackers which are just as nice.

This is what the Vegetable(Spinach) Dip will look like. Please do not be fooled by its appearance.

Many were deceived and refuse to touch it when i did it for a gathering. But after some time, i

persuaded them to try it. They tried it and kept coming back for more.

This was i did for dinner yesterday night, and if u did read the tag box. YES, ITS OXTAIL

SOUP. One of my favourites since young. I brewed this for nearly the entire day, It was

DDDDDD~~~~~ELICIOUS. But one bad thing is that, i still think the oxtail itself

was not soft enough, that's its meat would nearly glady part with the bone. I might need to brew

more longer to soften the meat to the bone, even though i was brewing the soup since 11 to 6.

And remember to add carrots and potatoes to the soup, The carrots will bring out the sweetness

and the potatoe too. =)

That's another pic of my dog who was lying beside me while i was watching the 9 pm show on

channel 9. The crimebusters X2. He looks adorable, but hours before this, he went to the dustbin

and stole an oxtail bone to eat.And greedy fellow he was, tried to munch thru the bone not

knowing it was by a BIG OX and its tail bone too impossible. He bite till the whole bone was

stuck in his teeth. And run out to whine to me. My sister and I tried to take it out to no avail.

And he was just biting the bone and using his paws to try to get it out. Blood flooded his mouth.

My sister at one last desperate attempt using a cloth and THANK GOD she took it out. And

when she got out the bone that was already bloody, DOG still wanted to attempt to eat it, I catch

him, while my sister threw it out.


It is the mishearing or misinterpretation of a phrase, typically a standardized phrase such as a

line in a poem or a lyric in a song.

This is a typical example of mondegreen .


I guess now u learn a new word and have yourself in sitches as well. =)

She improved. But still funny. haha.

Thank u. =)

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