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School is damn fun. My Mobile Computing Lecture will be with Kenny, Wei Hsiang and Andy. Andy, his the guy who i call the dj max 2 friend. Everytime during my second yr, i always ask him to battle together. and this coming Oct 31, Dj max coming out the new game. And yeah, we shall once again battle during lectures. haha. This sem, i learn on how to do applications for facebook and etc. haha. Maybe, i shall go do an application for facebook and earn money. haha. But damn tedious work lah. And i also learn how to make applications for PDA phones and smart phones. And my other lesson is project based,i'm not worried abt remembering common test dates. =)

Yesterday went to meet up and have lunch with Alex. More like because i needed him to help me do the internet connections for my phone. and he needed my c# skills.haha. He wanted to buy a car, but thinking about it. Told him to call me when he was going to buy a car and if i did likewise. I doubt i will be getting a car now. Cuz really need to save money at this moment because of the recession. Even though this is a technical recession for singapore, but i think is best for me to stop spending even though i have been eyeing a particular brand shoe.argh.and that stupid company still have not paid me for my job. 3 weeks already. crap.

Anyway, i was tag by Josephine to do this quiz.

1) Do you have secrets?

Yes, Of Course.

2) Would you fall in love with a boy younger then you?

Did have 2 boys younger then me but not till love, more of like.

3) Do you enjoy going to school?

Ya. Cuz I really enjoy my lessons. and of my friends.though one is now under attachment. =(

4) What If I had A Billion Dollars?

Honestly, I will put it in no banks at all. haha. But confirmed i buy some stuff that i really want and give half to my mother, so that she no longer work and i can even support my boyfriend. haha.

5) Will you fall in love with your best friend?

I used to.but not love la, more of like.

6)Which is more blessed, Loving someone or Being Loved by Someone?

Being loved by someone, but sometimes if you like that person at all, is kinda irritating.

7)List 5 Favourite Movies.

argh, y not books??? Moulin Rouge, The Lake House,Sweeney Todd,Bands Of Brothers,The Time Machine

8)What would you do, If the person you secretly like is already attached?

Find someone else till he is no longer attached. haha

9) Is there anything that has made you extremely happy in your life?

yes, when my boyfriend and I kneel down and pray together in church.

10) Do you have any regrets?

Yes,i regreted a few things. But what's done is done and can never be taken back.

11)How would you see yourself in 10 years time?

I would be 29 already, Wah, damn old.Working as a Professional.i suppose.

12)Who are currently the most important people in your life?

God, Mother, Sister, Boyfriend,Dog(haha), Best Friend 1,Best Friend 2.

13)What kind of person do you think is the person that tagged you?

Forgiving, Friendly,Seldom seen her angry though even though i tease her when i was in secondary school. Sorry.All in all, a good person.

14) Would you rather be rich but single or married but poor?

Wah, See where my heart lies.I would choose Marriage for True Love is hard to find, but Money can be easily earned.

15) What are your favourite colors?

Blue, Red.

16)Would you give all in a relationship?

Hard Question. Not really,maybe till marriage. I do not want to be hurt so deeply if it fails.

17) If you fall in love with 2 people simultaneously, who would you pick?

No one.

18) What are your top-five to go list?

America,Europe,Hawaii,Japan, Dubai.

19)Do you prefer being single or being in a relationship?

Can I choose in between? =x

20) Tag People

Erm, u wanna do the quiz, just do. =)

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