The Day

Sister's birthday just passed. As it was her birthday, I went to made OREO CHEESECAKE for her birthday.
We also now know Obama is the first black president of USA. Was just wondering what if Mcain had Obama policies and via versa. Would Obama still win or John? I think some people voted based on skin color and also because Obama was probably a much more charamastic then John.I not sure about how some Americans voted though. But Singapore will surely not have such an exciting election and from what I saw on newpaper, the only interesting part would be Who are they going to sue next? Haha.
Saturday was church's amazing (G)Race. I was in team c. Quite fun, and my team was first ahead of the next team by half an hour. We won 120 dollars of NTUC vouchers. Haha.and after that I headed to BF's friend wedding at Pasir Ris Park. They were having their solemnization at the beach and plus wedding dinner. Not bad, but can see is damn low budget. They book the place for 3 hours. The signing and vows lasted like 10 mins. And then it was off to eat. It was a veg buffet. So all the meat were like flour. I was telling BF my favourite was the Potatoe Salad. And the thing abt the buffet was that if u were slow, u can forget abt eating cuz there would be no more food. So BF and I had quite little food to take cuz we were slow.So we were chilling around with him talking to his friends about his army. Realize that the groom was only 22 this yr. Damn young la. Then marry. I still thought maybe is BF senior in sch. One of them did mention it might be a shotgun marrige. After all most of BF friends wedding 99% of them were shotgun marrige. After the wedding we headed to tamp mall. Damn big. Just inside were 3 Levi's Store and one frigging big Mac. Went to TIIMES there and bought by favorite book - Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis. Will be collecting all his works. I think his a great author and smart one too. Got to go cook dinner shall post photos soon cuz now using phone to blog.

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