Me and BF as we were coming home from the wedding of his friend.
Amazing Race, Yes, I was in the paddle boat with my other members. We were at the Singapore Discovery Centre
Monday, Went to Sentosa and took these photo of this particular cloud.
That is not a FLY nor a SPOT on the picture. ITS an AEROPLANE ~~
I did not bring my Digital Camera, This was taken with my Iphone. But not too bad.

That's my sister and the OREO CHEESECAKE I MADE FOR HER BIRTHDAY !!!

So there are all my pictures. =D
Can people please give me ideas on what to buy for our anniversary gifts?
Really dun know what to buy for him. I already bought his christmas and birthday present. But now am still stumped on what to buy for our anniversary.
Every Dec, Me and Him go broke.
Cuz Dec is the month where it's christmas, his birthday, my bithday, our anniversary.
So damn BROKE ! ! !
And i'm now working at kumon part time every thurs and fri after sch.
oh ya, since the cat is out of the bag.BF was teased because now he is now the only guy i know who can't drive and his girlfriend namely me can drive. Before that BGF could not drive either, but now he can drive, so BF BF BF pls BUCK UP ! ! ! ! ! =X

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