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ENTPs are logical, innovative, curious and downright inventive. They see possibilities for improvement everywhere and possess the ability to understand complex concepts. ENTPs are introspective and carefree nonconformists. They often neglect the more common areas of life while pursuing new solutions. ENTPs can be good conversationalists and exciting company.

UH HUH. Was expecting ENFP instead. Can't really believe i'm an Extrovert considering i have few friends. . hmmm. But my intelligences quite true lah, My Verbal/Linguistic should be 100 % lah ! But all quite high sia.. haha..

Oh ya, in my work place, another part time employee was questioning me asking whether i could mark the higher standard of English. Obviously she think i cannot mark lah. Or not why ask me this type of question. I pretend ask her is it because you think i look too young huh? cannot mark high standard English. She say No, Is not about the age factor is about the ABILITY !
I was like !!!!
Felt like saying u knw my O lvl distinction leh, and i got cert of merit from Uni of South Wales. 2 times somemore. Still ask me whether i know how to mark a not ! !
My mother better lah, haha, She went to British Council wanting to take a course there. Before taking a course, they will give you entrance exam to see where you stand. They told my mother that she can go home need not take any course. Not because she failed. But because she ACE the exam with FULL MARKS. She more siao then me. Get full marks for english. -.-'

Rants. I hate the walk to school from the MRT. Walking that path is akin to walking towards the smoker's corner.Today, Students puffing while walking. They dun even want to blow the smoke towards the side of the road. They just smoke and the "glorious" smoke will waft thru the air and be sniffed by everyone.I saw that smoker so i hasten my speed to pass him.Lo and behold, the gal in front of me also puffing. Really felt like shooting them. oh ya, worst of all, stain my new fred perry shirt ! ! !
Everyday like that, i think i die first.
Faster birthday come, then have car, then drive to school ! =D

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