Its been a long time since i updated, been doing quite a few stuff.
The most recent one would be going to malaysia. Just came back yesterday night.

First Day
We rented a car from malaysia and drove up to KL. I have some photos, but my phone is now charging, so the photos would have to wait. Driving up is quite a scary experience because the speed there is like 130km/h and above. So had to belt up when we were on the highway. Ate lunch at the highway stops. It was damn dirty ! ! ! Houseflys were flying everywhere and the food was had houseflies lying on them. I actually was hesistant to eat, but in the end i ate from one of the stores that was not so "dirty". Ok lah, did not get stomach ache. haha. Mother and ning ate rice with chicken and mee rebus( i think). We reached the KL found a hotel and stay. Most hotels were fully booked. Went to the Pavillion there. There was TANGS there and quite a lot of the boutique stores. Mother bought a bag from there.Quite nice. Ning bought a sports bra from there too.The pavillion was damn big, but later a while we decided to go eat our dinner at the roadside stalls there. The char kway teow was not bad, so was the oyster omelette( different from singapore, very crispy) but it was quite expensive and we ate some pig parts noodles(that was quite worth it).i think they up their price because of the foreigners.Later we walk to Times Square to check out their amusement park. The roller coaster in the shopping centre. There was nothing really much to see at there. We went to play the arcade at there. There we walk back to the car and drove back to the hotel to rest for the night.

Second Day
Went down for the breakfast at the hotel and we check out of the hotel and first we went to their "night market" where the imitations are blooming there. W shopped around and saw those "coach","fendi","gucci" and such along the streets, they even have different types, like made in korea fakes or made in china fakes. haha. We went to have a lychee drink at their roadside stall and also gui ling gao which i dun like at all cuz of its bitterness.after that we went to their MegaMall. This was also quite big. When we reach there, we had baskin robbins. EXPENSIVE ! ! ! My ice cream costs RM 19.80 ! ! ! ! and another one was the cup ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry cost RM 11.50 ! ! ! ! Ben's and Jerry cheaper la. But because singapore do not have so this was just a once in a blue moon time. Shopping around MegaMall, i bought a skirt from Puma that was having a sale. So imagine the super sale half our currency. haha. But i only bought 1 skirt.After that we headed to Melacca. but before heading there, we to have takeaway lunch in the car while driving there. We had fast food. and it was A&W ! ! !
i had their corney dog meal with curly fries and root beer float, mother had their new hawaii chicken burger meal and ning had 2 piece chicken meal, so we ate in the car while driving to melacca. We reach there quite late in the night, so we settled for the first hotel we saw. but after that mother wonder if we could have went around and see other hotels. When we went to the hotel, we realized mother was missing her pyjamas and it was in the previous hotel. Ning was hardworking and decided to hang in up in the cupboard instead of being lazy and putting it in the bag. So sometimes it pays to be lazy. haha. When we realized that we went to their melacca megamall to buy new pajamas.At there, i saw a nice nike polo tee and decided to buy it for BF. After that we got her pyjamas and we bought some grocceries and i found this instant noodles that singapore dun have, so i was quite happy. After that we proceeded back to the hotel and then we decided to have supper at the hawker centre beside the hotel. Their fishball noodle dry was delicious and it was only RM 3. We got ripped off from their oyster omelette there. It was RM 8 and it was not worth it at all. We went back to the hotel to stay for the night.

Third Day
We woke up and ate breakfast at the hotel and we decided to go back to the melacca megamall for last time shopping before heading home. We shop quite a bit, and mother bought shoes clothes and stuff, ning bought shorts, shirt and belt,i bought shorts. Shopping there was a while and later we headed to a nonya restaurant at melacca. We actually wanted to find the one that ning and mother went to at ning's school trip, but we could not find it, but nevertheless, the food at this nonya was also not bad.We wanted to go and take a look at some history like zhang he grave and such, but it was a rainy day and we also decided to forgo that. Melacca also have this eyes on malaysia attraction which is the exact same thing like the one on sentosa, the calsburg tower. Later, we was deciding whether to eat the famous melacca chicken rice balls, when we drove past there. there was a long queue. So we decided to forgo it, and go home.We reach Johor, returned the rented car, and went back to singapore which we proceeded to fetch our beloved dog from BF house and also to eat dinner at tiong baru market.

This has been the post about malaysia. Shall post the photos on the next post.

and one last thing, happy birthday best friend who invited me for his POP tml, but but but, i have school. SAD ! ! ! ! !

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