New Year.

Typing my new entry in the new year. Just last week, it was 2008 and now 2009. The year sure pass quickly. This year will be quite a big year for me as i will be graduating this year.

Basically this year transistion from 2008 to 2009 was spent at home packing to go back to church for the youth camp. Actually before the youth camp, we were deciding to go home after the watchnight. But something changed in the midway of camp that led us to actually spent the first day of the new year in church.

This year, i join the church youth camp. After a while, i was quite apprehensive because i heard that most of the campers were basically super young kids and this was after i already join. On monday, went there and basically saw a lot of young kids. haha. At least, my group had thad who was the same age grp as me and eunice who is yes older than me. haha. First day, we had some ice-breakers and later a message by the speaker for the camp's theme. Identity in Christ. And there the highlight for this camp was the Amazing Race.

First Stop- We went to CCK Cemetery. The only picture i had of the whole amazing race. The freaking clue was actually in the drain. The teammates and I were looking at every tombstone initals because the clue was like ---- Between E.C.A and D.H.B.
The Second Stop was in NTU. We had to find a building.So i told eunice to ask a student on the bus and we found it.
The Third Stop was Ikea where we had to find 10 items in Ikea. And you all know Ikea stuff are labelled in some swedish language that obviously we dun know. So it was quite difficult and then i think the management was not very happy with this. The items dwindled to 5 only.
The next stop was IMM. When we reach there, there was a detour. Either eating or doing some stuff requiring us to tour the whole IMM to find the answers. Of course, we chose the eating. There were few stuff. I ate the tomato. =) my favourite
The last stop was PraiseHaven.The place where we would stay for the 2 nights. From the second-last, we rose to the second.
Then we had our dinner and then some Praise and Worship and then went to sleep. I must say the room that me and my sister was sleeping was really good. It was a whole apartment. Some of the kids slept in bunk beds in barracks style and one of my friend commented that if you move while sleeping, the beds will creak. So really was thankful for one of the better rooms. When my sis and I first arrive at the apartment, the younger kids actually rush for the rooms nearer to the door. I walk in and saw bunk beds at the living room. I was thinking - please dun tell me these are the only beds left. Then Eunice pointed that there was another room inside. Guess what,that room had a toilet inside,some sort like private toilet.=x So i was really thankful. There were 3 beds. So me and my sis slept together and on the first night, Eunice was our temp "matron" for that night because Bryna had not pack her stuff for that night.

The second day, we awoken for brekkie and then message by the same speaker.We did our mascots and cheer for our group. My group was James son of Zebedee ( The first apostle to be martyred). He and his brother James was also know as the Sons of Thunder. We did a mascot. Our mascot was James in a sampan fishing for fishes, because before he met Jesus, he was a fisher man. Our cheer was written by Thad. It goes like

Initially called Group No 1
We are cool, strong and fun
Time is something we won't waste
Almost won the Amazing Race
James is now what we're called
We will rise, others will fall
Who will eventually win the games?
Only one group ---JAMES !
Then after that we had to prepare for the Parent's Appreciation Day on the 3rd day of camp.We did gel bottles with alphabet stick on the side. And then after, we had games, there were verse-hunting, 2 blindfolding games and one very messy game. We own the other team in the damn messy game. The other team was Arthur's team. After that, we had some some young sdults over to teach us how to do some cooking. After that, we had praise and worship and then going back to sleep. But tonight was different because there would be a girl sleeping with us occupying the third bed. Elizabeth i think sprained her muscles while doing the amazing race so first night, she went to A&E but i not really sure what happen, but the next day, she came back, and now she was sleeping with us. So Hannah and Eunice caught us and told us to just take care of her during the whole night. So basically that whole night, my specs was just beside me and everytime i heard the blanket moved, i woke up, took my specs and look at her just to make sure she wasn't shivering or anything. And i could see the living room light on, meaning that Bryna slept with the lights on. And on the particular time that Elizabeth went to toilet, me and my sis woke up. Quite a feat for my sister cuz she's quite a heavy sleeper.
On the 3rd day, after Praise and Worship, and follwing the last message by the speaker, we proceeded to church where we would spent the last night there and also do the countdown.
We prepared the cooking stuff for the Parent's Appreciation Day and then we also had to perform a skit for the parents. My group performed the skit concerning the 5 languages of love namely-
1) Acts Of Service
2) Quality Time
3)Receiving Gifts
4) Words Of Affirmation
5) Physical Touch
It was a great time during that night. After that we headed to Watchnight Service. After that, We were deciding on staying or leaving. In the end, we stayed. We went back home to grab sleeping bags and repack for that night. When we reach there, the gates were locked, so me and sis sat at the bus stop eating Mac till Nat came and ask us whether was there anyone fetching us home?! haha. Told him we are planning to go in. Luckily he remembered some code or something so the gate was unlocked or not, we had to climb over the gate.
We rejoin them at 1 am. And they were having a talk by a guy not sure who, cuz miss out the front part, he showed us the movie " October Sky"
This is a synosis taken from
In October of 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1, the first man-made object to orbit the Earth. It struck fear into the hearts of Americans, who had come to view their World War II ally as an enemy, and who saw their own efforts ast space flight ending in flaming wrecks on the launchpad.
Homer H. Hickam Jr., the son of a West Virginia coal miner, would watch the night sky hoping to see the satellite pass overhead. He and his friends decided that they could play a role in the space race, and began making and launching their own rockets. Their early attempts were less than successful, and drew the ire of Homer Sr., their school, and local authorities. But one teacher encouraged them, and eventually their efforts were successful.
Hickam went on to be one of the first scientists in NASA.
After that, we were told to sleep. But we stay up and after that we were trying to find Eunice to talk about some stuff. When we walk out, Penelope told us that Eunice was finding for us and that she was downstairs and she would help us tell her we were at the 4th floor. So me and sister took chairs and sat outside the lift. The lift door open and first thing she did was to scream. I think we scared her.
Basically it seems that David Room became quite popular with some people that were popping by. Only one came in to join the room after i seen her walking a few times. In the end, we did not really sleep for the whole night. The morning, we went home. =)
Thus ends the post of the youth camp.
This a picture of my Christmas Present from the BF ♥. He went to buy for this, and even though it's useless but its the thought that counts. This is my favourite comedy series so much better than FAMILY GUY ! ! ! ! Oh ya, its a limited edition, so there are only 15000 in the whole world. I am holding number 145. =)
It's time to go and cook for the family now. Thanks for reading. =D

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