Nike Zoom Sister One+ NIKE MINI ! !

Argh, i dun know why my picture so small. =(
but nonetheless this is my Nike Mini with the new Nike Zoom Sister One + beside it. 
And my mini says GOT TO HAVE THEM ALL ! !
Damn Beautiful Lah, the shoe ! Can i win please so that i can buy the shoe? My old nike shoe the sole peeling off already lor ! AND this shoe is for WOMEN ! ! ! 

And I'm officially considered a woman this year because its my 21st ! ! ! 
And there another great thing about this nike mini u can do your fitness programme and then after then put it into your Iphone to workout i think. I was damn excited lah, i went to the app store to search for it,BUT it's not out yet for the Singapore store. ARGH ! Nvm shall wait for it. 
Take a look at my mini and please let me win. =D

Nike Zoom Sister One+,

The ultimate training shoe

for women ClickThis

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