200th post !

I think one week ago there was a rainbow and a double rainbow too. The other rainbow is quite faint though.My sis said if she was at her school, you could have seen the both ends clearly.The first one is actually a triple rainbow which is extremely rare.And it was taken near scotland at the loch ness.  

This is a picure of an double rainbow in its full glory. This was taken in maritius.

This is the rainbow that is taken in singapore. 

Basically my final year project will be starting on monday. and i will be even more busy. =(
Tuesday, i got a call from my school asking me to be their developer designer and the pay is $$$$. I was stoked man, then i realize they thought i graduated, so they have to call again when i graduate.
I now so hooked on my facebook games ! argh. 
and do check out this website for some laughs really funny stuff. F*** My Life !
Back to my mafia wars and games. =D

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