Great I have not finished typing. And I accidently click the send button. Anyway, I suppose to be sleeping so that I can wake up and go to school on time which for the past few weeks I did not.

Oh yeah, prolly going to change my whole blog skin and this time I not going to waste my time doing the whole HTML code. Prolly just take a default template. Cuz some ppl told me they reading my blog because of it's color and the size of the font. Oh well. Just have to change it then.

Anyway, did u know my school area is a damn great place to take airplanes! Got to take my camera and snap some already. They were like just above my head. Privates plane though. But still wow.

Ok. Going to take a look at the thesis that I have in hand for my presentation and bore myself to sleep.( nah, not really, I realize that active contours are so damn interesting. They are like ur photoshop magic lasso)( u prolly dun understand what I'm talking abt though) (:

End of with something I read from FML -

A mother text one of her daughter's friend whose grandma pass away. The text went like this,

Sorry to hear about your grandma passing away.
Suzy's Mother

Apparently her mother thought LOL meant lots of love.


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