Hmmm. Me stick thin! :*

Realized that for this past few days, I have only been eating one meal per day.

Firstly, because of swine flu, the school has arranged that anyone who wants to go to the canteen needs to tap their admin card. So at lunch hour, it's quite a massive jam, so hence the skipping of lunch.

Secondly, skipping lunch will put me closer to my goal of a skinner me. (:
And so that if I do kiteboarding, I could actually be lifted up instead of being grounded to the sea.

Thirdly, I realize just for 4 days, my stomach can grown accustomed to the single meal because I was having cup noodles for lunch ( i skipped school) and when I had jap curry for dinner. My stomach totally rejected the extra food. So you can guess what happen.

Anyway, fyp is coming to an end and I'm even more stressed then ever especially during presentation. I am actually going to talk abt 2 algorithms that are so way out of my league! I hope that if I can't convince them, at least I try to confuse them. :D

I am awaiting for literally a miracle that will give me a place in NTU. Yes, I dream. LOL. Anyway, I shall see where the Lord will lead me.

Just now was reading some article about jaslyn tay- she really change a lot in the way she speak and all sorts. Wow, kinda impressed though.

Another matter, for few months now, have been trying to crack the ALICE chat bot and the chat with iGod. As in checking for any loop holes or anything. Anyway, I created a chat bot too with the same markup language. Quite proud of myself. (:
I guess when I do this sort of things, I feel really excited and accomplished like that time when I created my own binary clock.

Was playing this game at microsoft site called server quest 2 and a quiz game. Anyway, it's quite a geeky game. Alot of those programming questions. Can try it.

Oh ya, went to sushi tei on Sunday after coming back from the trip. I realize that I'm addicted to Ikura(salmon roe). Ordered just Ikura to eat. LOL. But sushi tei Ikura is not on par with shokudo. Dun know why, shokudo Ikura is really Wow! Shall post photos of food another time as I am using my phone to blog.

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