Its over. update!

Today my FYP officially ended ! YAY ! ok la, i not very happy because of the grades i might get, but let bygones be bygones.  Strive for other ways then.
And i know that i put in the effort can already. And . . . Nvm. 3 months later ! and u will know ! haha. 
Got my attachment letter. Hope i dun work overtime. My friend used to work for them and he worked overtime. 
Btw this is what i bought for her.  Damn cute la the notebook. Anyway, if i not wrong, at the moment, Singapore has only 10 of these.

Last friday, i went to one of my friend's play at the esplanade. There are photos on facebook. The play was very nice and yes,funny. Anyway, at the end of the play, one of the guys in the grp decided to treat us to MAX BRENNER CHOC BAR ! 
Took a few photos of the choc cups there.
 This was my hot dark chocolate. Nice to drink and the cup has a name It is called a hugmug. 

This was the cold chocolate cup. This cup was so cute. The straw was some metal thingy. DRINK ME ! LOL. and the cup had a name too. It was called .....
 ALICE ! ! ! 
The bill came in this metal box. Anyway, it was a nice experience. Really thank F for the treat. and B for the play.

Anyway, had an offer from NTU MAS, but am not taking it up because of its super difficult modules. And i know i will surely fail within the first semester because its all about DREADFUL MATHS ! Every single module is maths !  I dun like MATHS ! PLS I WANNA GO INTO COMPUTER ENGINEERING OR EEE !

Btw do u know what is moondollar? LOL !

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