Mas Selamat Part 4. Suggestions on rectifying weakness.

ISD provides crucial lead credits themselves and the Malaysian authorities, but Malaysian credits Singapore , themselves and the Indonesian.

So which is it? Is Indonesian involved with the capture of Mas Selamat?

Will be back at Whitley centre

After Mas Selamat's escape, a Committee of Enquiry was set up to look into the incident, highlight what went wrong and come up with recommendations to boost security especially at the Whitley Road Detention Centre.

The committee came up with 10 suggestions on how to rectify weaknesses there.

For sure, the first suggestion will be no more open windows in any cubicle.  Maybe the second suggestion would be no more cubicle doors.Third, probably there will be a time limit already in toilets. (haha). Like probably 1 min for small and 3 mins for big. (LOL). Not sure what else. 

Can't wait for them to bring him back to Singapore so that we can take a good look at him. Actual details of how he swam over there is till unclear, we will just have to wait till Malaysia finishes with him. Then it will be Singapore's ISD turn.

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