Have you ever seen a Red Ferrari F340??

Have you seen a Proton overtaking a Ferrari F340? Apparently, this Proton Gen 2 Hatchback is even more faster then a Ferrari ! It overtook it. This Stomper's children so 'inquistive'. 9 and 12 years old also can ask this sort of question. Anyway, did not realize that Ferrari F340 can sit 3 people. Hmm. Anyway, this was a first post by this Stomper showing off her Red Ferrari. 

But guess what, 2 days later 

She wrote another email to Stomp again. Yes, she has returned from JB ! Now she complains about Naval Officers shopping for cars accessories during office hours. Anyway, she went there too. The quote from her email "I was shopping for some automobile accessories for my red Ferrari with my kids and guess what we saw? "

Yes, she goes to AutoBacs to buy for her expensive Red Ferrari. Hmmm.  And again , like the same previous, her ' inquistive' children like to ask her questions. My, my, her children need not go school, but yet so curious. 

Have a good laugh over the weekend.

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