Food and Funny Stuff and SIM 3 !

First, the darling dog before his grooming. He was actually nice looking with all those furs.

Second, after the grooming. At first, he look so ugly, that i did not want to hug him, but now, he grew some hair, so it wasn't bad. He looks cute !

This is a conversation bwt me and this guy who i really really dun like.  He was trying to boast to me about his new vaio. So my friend told me to try this trick on him, to check if he really has the sony vaio.

I have PRE - ORDERED the  SIMS 3 ! YAHOO ! ! 
Few of things i will get for pre-ordering - 
- The Sims 3 ! (obvious)
- 2GB USB Drive & carabiner
- European styled sports car download
-New The Sims 3 theme music 
-Prima Tips & Hints Guide

AND AND AND  if i get to the BUGIS and be the 1st 600, i will get a free Sims 3 Tee Shirt !

At Sushi Tei at Vivo !

My favourite - Ikura (salmon roe) all by itself ! And all for myself !

Katsu Don ! My food.

Nabemono with beef ! Not mine though.

Ebi with floss sushi.

The Nabemono. LOL. some vulgar language. haha.

Today, went to vivo again and actually wanted to eat at MARCHE. But, the queue was so so long. So decided to go somewhere else, walking around and then we suddenly decided to save some money instead. We decided to dine at LJS. As we were queuing up, BF changed his mind and decided to go to CARL'S JUNIOR. So there we went with 10% discount from his SAFRA card. 

And then i wanted to go to buy some stuff but could not find it, i thnk when i find it, i will surely post it here !

On a happier note, i have an algorithm that is even better than Chan and Vese Active Contours Without Edges. It is a whole new algorithm. Happy that when i saw the pictures coming out, i wanted to cry. LOL. This is how happy i am. 


The Horny Bitch said...

I love The SIms lor!!!!! Can't wait to lay my hands on it. I can play whole day n night de.

Roxy. said...

Eh, pre order leh, then i can see u at bugis. LOL.