Michelle Chia and Shaun Ng Wedding and Kym Ng's getting married.

Their wedding dinner is now showing on Ch 8.  So cute la. But isn't it too public? 
But i guess that's the price for having a 'free' wedding. ( Probably not the whole cost of the wedding, but a part of it is confirmed sponsored).
Their wedding cake is equivalent to a average person's monthly salary. Btw, is the whole dinner really today? Not on weekends, quite weird. Should be cheaper since its a weekday. LOL.
At least they did not have their wedding at the St Regis. I think it will super big BOMB  !
And their band singers are awful. 

And this year seems to be the year of celebrity marriage cuz Kym Ng long last has decided to settle down.

wow, 2009 seems like a good year to marry is it? 
Who else? Who else? 


LuxeLass said...

The rich and famous usually have their weddings low profile with limited media. They'd normally fly their pals (which cost them money) to some private island to witness the ceremony. After all, they have the money, and wedding is a private matter.

Like you said, since they want to have a grand wedding yet does not want to come with the money (or maybe the Groom can't really afford it after all), then they'd have to sacrifice their privacy for it. Personally they aren't that famous. I cannot understand why would the media even broadcast their wedding.. oh yes, the sponsors' magic.

I wonder if Bonia sponsored any free gift to the newly weds too since she's the spokesperson?


Roxy. said...

Those are the rich ppl that's y.
Fann Wong's wedding also confirm will be this public.
I bet she have handbags free for her. Btw don know got any of those 'ah jie' go to her weddings? like never see any.