CommuniAsia 2009

I was asked by my boss whether i wanted to join them in going to CommuniAsia 2009 as a trade vistor. I grabbed the chance and the whole engineering team went down too. We squeezed into the company's vehicle and off we went. Of course, after our hearty lunch.

The sky was clear. A wonderful way to start i suppose.

The entrance. That is one of the engineer's head from my company.

When we went in, i had a "fake" name card. Because i am an IA. One of my colleagues gave me a name card and said just blanko the guy's name and put ur name can already. And my post was ENGINEER ! LOL. So i registered myself with that "fake" namecard. =p

Some of the booths. The boss met a friend and all of us were headed to this antenna booth. I wanted to explore !
After a while, the rest of the team say its time to explore, thus we left the boss and went on our way.

There was a booth there by HUAWEI. It's a china leading mobile phone brand(i think).
Anyway, their phones design was sort of like exact copies of leading mobile phones, there was one that looked like a sony ericsson, another looked like the HTC. anyway, one of the phone's model caught my eye. Not for its design. But for the OS that it was running on. Instead of the usual windows mobile, this actually run on google, thus elimating HTC Magic and Dream as the only google phone.
But how can this be? I nvr had the courage to ask the sales ppl nor did they want to approach me. I prolly look too much like a student than an engineer.
There was a booth that had an F1 car, i took a photo of it. I thought it was on display only. But no,no, you could actually ride in it. And there it was a motion simulator. Not bad. It moves !

Took photos of some other interesting booths.

A guy was playing in the F1 car as i was passing so i decided to take a photo of it.
Yahoo mobile was there, they were giving out free ribena !
It was an eye opener for me. Saw a lot of things, but of course did not take all the photos as a bit ps was using phone to take instead of camera. LOL.
A brochure from Blackberry.
A free mobile phone cleaner.
My pass to go in ! Check out the horrible spelling of communications ! The guy typing this typed the same exact mistake on my other 3 colleagues as well !
I took this photo mainly because HUAWEI is actually a China brand signifying Chinese people, yet they still believe in the pulling power of ANG MOHS !
And thus the whole book cover was ANG MOHS !
Instead of their local ppl !

I am feeling a bit sick. NO not H1N1. have to sleep and awaiting supervisor's reply. My whole phone IM is screwed man ! and my msn on lappie also a bit screwed ! Damn ! Damn !

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