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In another news, i was accepted in a conference that should ultimately push me up to a grade that i actually wanted.
Got to go look at more how to do posters. After all it's my first time !
Damn i am excited and nervous. Oh yes, the *%&#) fee is 500 bucks. It is like bribing my school to give me a grade. LOL.


The Horny Bitch said...

That is fucking ex lor! Can don't give or not?

WHat is the payment method?

Giro or edusave?

Roxy. said...

Dun pay means dun go.500 bucks is somemore student price. haha. my supervisor say she help me find sponsor, but doubt so. cuz recession.
payment method is credit card using paypal.

The Horny Bitch said...

Sheng jing bing lor.. Recession still charge this price.

Roxy. said...

ya,but what to do. i need this. haiz. now the school needs to have internal talk. cuz this thing first time happen. LOL