GOOGLE??? and Marina Barrage

Google gave me a letter. I was damn shocked. I thought what happen.
All the way from Jamaica.

It contained my pin for my google adsense lah. LOL !

Went to Marina Barrage on Sunday. Never been there till that day. Wah liao, it was so inside. Luckily was driving. haha.
Took 3 photos only.

I like this photo the most. (:

Just decided to take some photos of the scenery since i was there. Looking at the flyer. Being there is like being at the top of the world.

The last photo of that place. Next time i will be there again and i will try to take more photos instead of running around on the grass like a small kid. :p

After that headed to some sort of like museum to take a look at the water conservation gallery,was looking at the place and MM Lee prediction. Do you know when i was in secondary school doing my design and technology, my teacher told me that MM Lee wants people to invent a suit/clothes that have air condition. LOL !
I ♥ museums !

Countdown to IPHONE 3.0 OS in 2 more hours !

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