SIMS 3 Review.

This game does not really live up to its predecessor which is the SIMS 2.

First i shall talk about its shortcomings, I was really excited to see if they had any of the short clips that were presented in SIMS 2 when u either married, did a woopee or any of those life changing events. In this case, SIMS 3 did not have any of those cute clips. Quite a minor letdown there. Secondly, SIMS 3 lack many towns like in SIMS 2 where there were 3 towns, probably they will develop more via their SIMS Store online which will generate more money for them if we are to buy the new towns. So I had only 1 town and an extra one from the collector's edition. Have been playing these for a while and also realize there is not much extra activities like the one in SIMS 2 where you can be captured up by the alien and get preggers by the alien. That was major fun in SIMS 2. Another thing is that certain stores in the community lots does not entitle you to take a look inside, like the theater, the restaurant. The previous SIMS 2 even without the expansions allows you to take your date into the restaurant. I see no sight of that in SIMS 3. SIMS 3 do have some tweaking to be done. The Build - A - House is a also a bit pathetic, there is no basement to be created. Quite a disappoinment.The Create- A - Sim is really in my standards too little. The wardrobe ( hair,face,clothes,etc) are so limited. It pales in comparision to SIMS 2. I guess the limited quanity is because EA is asking us to buy those warerobe and accessories from their store thus generating more income for them.Graphics- wise, i dun really see the difference bwt both SIMS 2 and SIMS 3. These at the moment are my grouches for SIMS 3.

Now, the upside about SIMS 3, the SIMS 3 has been come so much smoother with its seamless neighbourhood. No longer had i to wait for the loading screen to come out everytime i visited the community lot or someone's house. The saving time has also been very much shorten then SIMS 2. There are more options and more control over your SIM's life,like how i can actually control his work attitude and his sports activities.(e.g. work hard, slack, know your workmates, etc).There are also more skills points to max and also they are not in the general type like logic can be seperated into 2 types like chess and telescope. There are two different types of skills to learn. There are also goals set within the skills to complete.(e.g. Grand Chess Master, Paint 5 Masterpieces, Catches all types of fishes,etc).I also have to mention the new skills/hobbies which are fishing and gardening and collecting stuff from the ground. These new things add to a more realistic SIMS life instead of the usual chess games,painting.I just realized there is no longer a piano in the Sims Store. In its place, is a guitar that you can actually use to busker instead of finding a proper job. There are also new additional special stuff that happens when u reach the top of some jobs.(e.g. Mad Scientist) he can actually take this special ray gun to alter the furnitures in your house. The another thing would be to actually buying up companies in your town and firing the employees thus putting you in control of enemies you dun like. Though i have not achieved in taking control of the whole town yet. I really wonder what is the outcome of taking over the whole town.Another thing they have actually added is the way you need to suck up to your boss in SIMS 3 to actually get a promotion. Previously , it was all about your skills and needs, now, u have an extra factor.

All in all, i guess this is a good game that you can get, but not a must get.

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And yes, for all those finding for SIMS 3 Cheats. The SIMS 2 cheats do apply to the SIMS 3

motherlode - 50,000 kachings.
testingcheatsenabled true - all cheats enabled.

These are the cheats i guessed are the best ones that most people would use.

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