St Regis

Had a wound from some papers. Since it was such a nice smile, decided to add 2 eyes to it.
And there a nice smiley face on my arm.
Cute right. haha.

There was an event at St Regis and i was invited along. First time there, heard alot of things about this new hotel. It's really so uppity. When i went in, there were people helping to guide me to the John Jacob Ballroom. The room is the one that has the nice ceiling that can be open to view the sky.
Sadly i quite pai seh to face my phone up to take. So did not take. haha.

Going in to St Regis. Ya, they have a lot of statues around.

The menu of the night. All western food.

The table setting. Yes, i am that bored. You can see all the waiters and the waitresses. There is one for each table to personally serve the table.

We had some bread first to appease our stomachs. There were a few varieties but i scared act like country bumpkin so chose the only one i knew which was foccacia. Later, then i took the others to try. After a while, the server will come with a bowl of butter and put another butter on the plate for you. Service damn good right.

This was the first dish of the night. Not bad lah. Some crabmeat with a lot of funny vegetables around. The rest of the other guests on the table did not dare to eat the leek. haha. Anyway, i at first use the wrong fork for the first dish, i took the main course fork instead. Argh, forgetten that take from the outside to the inside.After that, i realized faster change. LOL.

The second dish was soup with artichoke and pine nuts. Again, the personal server came over with pepper. I drank apple juice the first time. The second time, i decided to pick red wine.

The main course was some chicken with sweet potato puree and sauce.
And yes, i use the right fork.

The last dish of the day was the dessert. Delish ! and thus ends the dinner for the St Regis.

Of course, must always go to toilet and take a look. Check out the sink and yes, not tissues to wipe your hand nor blow dryers but TOWELS under the sink to wipe ur hands.

Took a picture of the interior of the toilet.

And thus ends the post on St Regis.

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