My new best friend.

Have been doing my attachment at a company thus the long long delay in writing this entry.
First day at work - I made a new friend.
His name is fujifilm xeron. Yes, he is a printer. I hung out with him the entire day doing photocopying, scanning. And then binding too at the binding machine. The rest of the week was also spent with new found friend.
This week, someone in the other dept complained that I was spending too much time with him. They wanted to spend time with him, but because of me, he could not spend time with them so they complained. So I quietly went back to my cubicle and sat there wondering how. A solution came. I had to reach earlier then the others in order to spend time with him. So tml is my quest that I go earlier to spend time with him. I hope he ain't cranky in the morning.
Countdown to 10 weeks and 3 days.

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