Let them be SIMS 3 !

And i wore green so i got a free poster ! !
It was a nice experience. Great, the pictures are loading so so slow ! that is the reason why sometimes i dun like taking with a digital camera. 
The collector's edition gave me a 2 GB plumbo thumbdrive and a european car to install in the game. 
The game overall is really good but but the options of the customizing of the character a few choices a lot less then Sims 2. I guess it is beacause they intend to ask gamers to buy from the store ! Ah, a money draining option ! But got free 10 bucks so that's like 1000 Simpoints.

Anyway, have not figure out the cheats yet, but they still have the same cheat window, which is CTRL + SHIFT + C. Have not tried the old codes on them though. But i suspect it might work la.

After that, went to treat the people who accompany me there. And i tried my CC ! Stupid Z, kept scaring me, say need to activate the card since can be deactivate. Then when i hand it over, i was damn scared la, LOL. anyway, it pass, first time sia. Like some noob hor. haha.

Ok back to SIMS 3.

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