Is higher education really necessary?

The first 10 years of education is necessary to me. You gotta learn the basics of language, the basics of science and all sorts. After that, is it necessary to go further?

Is that paper important?

Friends of mine stated the paper only increases your min income but after that is all up to you. So true.

You could be like this guy - Magnus Brocker
He is the new SGX chief with no degree. He get BIG BUCKS.

p/s - Drinking Starbucks everyday is no joke to the wallet and the health. Realized i have been hydrating myself with Starbucks the past few weeks, till Sat's french dinner. ):
Gotta carry a water bottle. Dun wanna get diabetes. Its no joke.


Shingo T said...

My certificate helped to secure my first job.

All subsequent jobs are based from experience in previous jobs, and how I smoke the interviewer with my confidence.

That's why I didn't bother studying further for a Masters, better to spend that time picking up soft skills.

My 2 cents.

Roxy. said...

Shingo -> yea. So i am wondering for the next route of my life whether to go on studying or coming out to work.

Alan Wu said...

Hey Shingo,
What kind of certificate do you have?