Goodbye Starbucks

Starbucks Alert

Just yesterday, i posted about me drinking too much Starbucks. Yesterday, the news came out with Starbucks Frappuccino containing up to 560 calories.
I knew that were calories, but having this piece of infomation sort of warns you before actually buying that cup.I have always been a drinker of Frappuccino and i dun drink coffee on ice. Hmmm, wondering how to curb the calories now.I also do not want to give up the whipped cream.


Wondering now, as i sip into another Caramel Frappuccino with whipped cream and java chip. (:


Shingo T said...

Whipped cream also has evil trans fat, and that will also add to the risk of degenerative diseases.

You may feel alright now, but as you start to age, the symptoms will come out one by one.

I may sound like I'm trying to scare ya, but its for your own good to cut down on the frapuccino.

Start loving yourself. ^_^

Roxy. said...

Woah. that's scary!
I just gave up the whipped cream when the staff asked though i was tempted.

Plankton McPlank said...

I read it somewhere that Starbuck's signature caramel macchiato + 1 plate of rice = all the carbohydrate you need for one day leh!

But coffee is still too good an indulgence for me to give up on too. Heh :p

Roxy. said...

yes yes. that's why i have not given it up. Only the cream goes. (: